Testimonials From The 5th Dimension

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from honorable members of the Dead Poets Society
residing in the 5th Dimension:

Author’s Note: Being a writer of fantasy fiction, since the existence of a 5th dimension has yet to be proved, I personally believe that I can link to it with my imagination. How else can I explain the invented testimonials that follow?

From the Huff Ringtone Post Interviews:

…with William Shakespeare at the 5D Library:

H. R. Post: Word is out that you’re working on an adaptation of The Dragon’s Game Books for a five-act play on stage at Stratford. Is that so, Mr. Shakespeare?

Shakespeare, leaning back and twisting his mustache: Yes, well, it’s still in the early stages of development. Mind you I’m still in negotiations with H. N. Henry for the stage adaptation rights.

H. R. Post: What can you tell us about the early stages?

Shakespeare: Hmmm. An act for each book. Each act a blood bath. That’s why I want to adapt it. And, Henry’s witch is not a double-double-toil-and-trouble sort of witch. She’s not tied to a cauldron, mixing eye of newt, toe of frog, or tongue of dog to make a charm of powerful trouble. Oh! No! His witch is cursed with the power of evil itself and she’s a shape shifter of sorts. Therein lies one of the adaptation challenges.

H. R. Post: You say “one of the adaptation challenges.”Can you tell us another?

Shakespeare, biting his lower lip: Mainly with getting the dragon on stage in Acts III, IV, and V. It’s going to be very expensive to hire the best holographic stage performance technology to make that happen.

H. R. Post: What can you tell us about your planned adaptation of the heroine’s role?

Shakespeare, smiling and rubbing his hands together: Unlike Lady Macbeth, she wears the blood of her deeds with unrelenting vengeance.

…with Robin Williams at 5D Studios:

H. R. Post: Mr. Williams, thanks for giving us a few minutes of your time. Today we’re asking celebrities what they’re reading. What are you reading?

Williams, with a shy smile: Call me Robin. I’m reading BETRAYED, Book III of The Dragon’s Game Books.

H. R. Post: But it hasn’t been released yet?

Williams: I know. I contacted H. N. Henry and asked for an advance reader copy. After reading Books I and II, I had to have this one. He was kind to oblige. He sent me a digital copy via Ork. (Bashful smile) Nanu Nanu.

H. R. Post: How would you describe the series so far?

Williams, holding out his hand: It’s Game of Thrones on a diet. You can almost count the characters on the fingers of your hand. And Nagora, the main character! Move over Georgie Porgie. You kiss this girl and make her cry, you gonna pay big time. (Williams stands spread-eagled, one hand stabbing at the palm of his other before it goes to his crotch and he winces in pain, and then sits back down.) A scene from Book III, you’ve gotta read it. By the way, Stieg Larson recommended I read The Dragon’s Game books.

H. R. Post: What did he say that convinced you?

Williams: He said, and I quote (Speaking in a Swedish accent, making air quotes with fingers): In this world of fictional characters, if my Lisbeth Salander, from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, had an ancestor from an Iron-Age-like time in a place where dragons lived, Nagora would be her. Very definitely. You don’t want to cross her.

…with Chuck Berry at the 5D Vinyl Record Store:

H. R. Post:  Mr. Berry, we see that you have the latest Two Steps From Hell album in your hands and a copy of one of The Dragon’s Game Books under an arm. Is there a connection?

Berry, grinning wide and baring immaculate white teeth: Ooooooo Weeeeee! May-Bell-Ene! I gotta have music to read by, and honey, this is the best to set the mood. You know what I mean? ’Cause some of those scenes got me holdin’ onto my own ding-a-ling. (Laughs loud, winks and flashes a smile) Wouldn’t want that to happen to me. (Eyes big and round as marbles).

…with Marilyn Monroe at the 5D Studios:

H. R. Post: Apparently when having coffee with Betty Davis and Brigitte Bardot, you were overheard to say that the main character, Nagora, in The Dragon’s Game Books was a lot like you. Could you elaborate?

Monroe: Not a lot like me. In no way are we similar. Except in the way that Edana happens to the character, Nagora, Marilyn happened to me when I was Norma Jeane. Only in that way are we similar. We didn’t choose to become those characters. The people made me Marilyn, just like they made Nagora—Edana, but in very different ways and for very different reasons.

H. R. Post: Do you think you could ever be cast in the role of Nagora?

Monroe laughing: No way! It’ll take an actress with balls to play Nagora. Even in Hollywood, they probably couldn’t find an actress to play her. Not because they couldn’t, but because they wouldn’t dare make a movie about her. She’s too strong a character. Not the Hollywood type. They’re not ready for her.

…with Walt Disney at the 5D Disney Family Amusement Theme Park:

H. R. Post: Is it true you are considering building a Dragon’s Game theme location here at your park?

Disney, with a polite smile: No. Definitely not. You probably heard about a possible Isle-of-Smoke theme location with a cage elevator into the dragon’s cave, but that’s not happening. H. N. Henry refuses to negotiate such partial derivative rights from the body of his work. And let’s face it, this is an entertainment park focused on attracting families to our site.

H. R. Post: But we heard you were considering opening an adult or mature section at the park. Will you comment?

Disney, still smiling:  As tempting as that would be, it would go against our values. Let me put it this way: Snow White falls for the witch’s poisoned apple. Nagora doesn’t. She fights back with fire and spills a lot of blood.

The seven dwarfs help Snow White. The Little People, thousands of them, because they are so small and have such magical powers, help Nagora do some amazing things. Mind you, Grumpy would be happy about that.

Prince charming comes along and wakes Snow White from her poisoned sleep with a kiss. (Disney, losing his smile.) The Prince in The Dragon’s Game story is so evil and perverted, out to get Nagora, and she is out to get him too. Not to mention what the dragon does to Nagora to control her. None of that is for kids to see. We’re sticking to attracting families to our park.


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Will there be a Black Friday sale for The Dragon’s Game books? How about a Cyber Monday deal? Or a special offer at Christmas time?

Questions like these have come to my inbox at my business email address.

The short answer is: no.

Read on to find out why.

REASON #1: Fairness

Imagine you bought a complete set of The Dragon’s Game books three weeks ago to be sure to have them on time to offer to your sister as a gift at Christmas and you discover that there’s some crazy discount on a box set on Friday. How would that make you feel?

Disappointed? Betrayed? Maybe even a bit angry?

Those are not feelings I want my readers to have.

I want to treat every single one of my readers fairly and I don’t want any one of them to feel buyer remorse.

Treating my readers fairly also means I don’t overprice my books. The first eBook version in the series has the lowest price, as does the print-on-demand version, so readers can test read before buying the others. I’ve kept the price of the POD versions of the books as low as possible, making pennies on the dollar for Book I and a dollar and change on the others.

If ever the price of my books goes up, it will be to help offset the cost for changes brought to the books, such as new covers or a lucrative contract with a big publishing company.

Until that happens, the price for my books you see now will be the lowest price possible so you’ll never regret your purchase.

REASON #2: Immediate escape

If you’ve been waiting for a sale to purchase the books so you can wrap up in a blanket to go on your next reading adventure that will take you to another time and place to be with a heroine as she fights for her dragon, don’t.

This is the best price. Don’t wait. Escape into a dragon’s world now.

If fantasy fiction with a kick-ass heroine just ain’t your cup of tea, I understand.

REASON #3: Consistent value

For some products, like smart phones, it makes sense to get them now because their value will decrease over time, not only in price, but in ability to be updated, and lack of newer “must-have” features.

My print-on-demand books do not take up shelf space in stores for a limited time after which they are put on sale, and after which, if not sold, returned to the publisher (me) at a cost, or shredded at a lower cost, or dumped into some landfill at a cost to the environment.

Some say: I only buy used books. If you do, then you know it’s a buyer-beware game. On the site you can buy BANISHED The Dragon’s Game Book I "Used" for CDN $27.07 shipping included OR for $37.50 “FREE SHIPPING.”

Bought new, BANISHED is CDN $11.90 plus shipping (about CDN $6.49). Still a deal. Go figure.

What’s 40+ hours of reading escape worth? The 5-book series at CDN $76.72  / 40 = CDN $1.92 per hour.

How much is a cup of joe at your favorite coffee shop?

REASON #4: I write for a cause.
My Charitable Black Friday Special

My author bio in the back end of my books states:

Norm is a believer in “Think global. Act local.” He writes to share his profits with a local community cause, Point de Rue. They help homeless people in his hometown of Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada, find meaning and passion in their lives.

When readers buy my books, they are also helping my favorite charity. Thank you.

Which brings me back to my, shall I say un-Black Friday Deal: I will donate 100% of my profits on the books I sell between now and December 31, 2018 to Point de Rue.

All the best to you in this coming Holiday Season.

How to Write a Book Review

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Fear not. Writing a book review is actually easy and, as far as I know, on most book distribution platforms, you don’t even have to use your real name as long as they can verify that you actually purchased the book.

Submitting an honest reader review is one of the best ways you can help authors like me to get other readers interested in our books.

If you’ve read one of The Dragon’s Game books, writing a book review is as simple as sharing your reader experience—

  • tell how you connected with the story;
  • an aspect of the story you liked best;
  • your appreciation of the author’s writing style;
  • your curiosity as to how the other books in the series will develop;
  • and the words you would use to recommend it to a friend.

Basically, that’s it.

Where to submit your book review?

A)  On the distribution platform where you purchased the book.

If you want objective insight on how to use Amazon’s star rating system when writing a book review, here is a link to an article that might be of help to you. It applies to the other book seller platforms as well.

B)  On the TESTIMONIALS PAGE on this website.

Simply click on the cover of the book you want to review. On that book's testimonial page, write your testimonial in the form provided.

NOTE: The Testimonial Page is set up to require your name and email address and, if you hover over the Gravatar and click on the Facebook icon that pops up, your FB profile picture will get attached to your testimonial. (At least that’s how it’s supposed to work.  Also NOTE: You can opt out of having your profile picture shown.)

Your testimonial will only appear after it has been reviewed. See my Privacy Policy concerning testimonials you submit on my website.

I hope this post has been of help. Thanks for taking time to write an honest review and/or testimonial.