Escape into a dragon's world.

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What a story ! You will want to follow Nagora, the heroine. The fast pace and the quality descriptions are key to maintaining the suspense of this adventure. We are urged to discover what Nagora will lead us to. An easy and refreshing read, the perfect getaway !

Francis Jordan

A read as refreshing as the salty seas painted so well by the author, I found it easy to immerse myself in the world of Nagora the Lone Wolf. A delightfully paced adventure with careful attention to detail in a world reminiscent of our own the reader joins a mission for the greater good with a powerful protagonist.

The characters were wonderfully developed, revealing details at the right time to form a continuing interest and bond for the reader. A+

Being in the mind of the heroine was easy to connect to the character struggle with proving themselves over and again. It's a very empowering tale.

Very easy to digest style of writing. It made for a comfortable pace which encourages not wanting to put down the novel.

A great fantasy escape from reality that is empowering.

Lisa Jones

What an escape! The main character is breath-taking. She is courageous and powerful, a real free spirit and a strong woman with lots of know-how. Adversity makes her stronger. Nagora shines through this book. Suspense all the way through. Beautiful descriptive writing keeps the reader on-edge. I loved trying to figure out where and when the action unfolded, although it is fantasy, it seems so close to home. Can't wait to find out what happens to Nagora in the next book!

Kelly Brennan


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