The Dragon's Game Books
H. N. Henry

A series of six books with over 2000 pages to read. This is your ticket to 50 hours of escape to a time and place where dragons once ruled, where they chose their dragon talkers to serve and protect them and their eggs.

For less than the price of a cup of coffee, join lone-wolf warrior Nagora on her quest to save her dragon from the cursed scheme of an ancient sorceress.

Adventure awaits you. What are you waiting for?

About the Books

The dragon-tear amulet, gifted to Nagora at birth, ties her destiny to a dragon. Danuka is the last dragon of her race in the Land of the Danu. She chooses Nagora to serve and to protect her and her eggs. Nagora will risk more than her life to fight for Danuka’s survival, that of her future offspring, and that of the kingdom they inhabit.

What will this brave, cunning, skilled, strong-willed, vengeful warrior not do for Danuka?

Find out in The Dragon's Game, a six-book-fantasy series, where fearless heroine, Nagora, battles a powerful shape-shifting witch, who, at all costs for her own dark, twisted, evil ends, seeks to destroy Danuka, her eggs, and her home kingdom.

Enter the world of Nagora's dragon.

"Legend tells us that dragons fly so high they see the future.

Reason tells us that to know the future is a curse.

Our hearts tell us the seeds of hope are sown in the reality of the present."

Live an adventure like no other with Nagora.

Nagora's dragon, Danuka,
rules her future.

Her submission is total…

no matter the cost.

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 What an escape! 

 The main character is breath-taking. She is courageous and powerful, a real free spirit and a strong woman with lots of know-how. Adversity makes her stronger. Nagora shines through this book. Suspense all the way through. Beautiful descriptive writing keeps the reader on-edge. I loved trying to figure out where and when the action unfolded, although it is fantasy, it seems so close to home. Can't wait to find out what happens to Nagora in the next book!

Kelly Brennan

 What a story ! 

 You will want to follow Nagora, the heroine. The fast pace and the quality descriptions are key to maintaining the suspense of this adventure. We are urged to discover what Nagora will lead us to. An easy and refreshing read, the perfect getaway!

Francis Jordan

 A delightfully paced adventure…

 The characters are wonderfully developed, revealing details at the right time, building continued interest and  bond with the reader. A+
Being in the mind of the heroine makes it easy to connect with the character's struggle to prove herself over and again. It's a very empowering tale.
The style of writing is very easy to digest, making for a comfortable pace which encourages not wanting to put down the novel.
A great fantasy escape from reality.

Lisa Jones


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H. N. Henry

About the Author

  • H. N. Henry (Huard, Norman Henry) holds two bachelor degrees from Laval University, one in English and history, the other in education. During his life he has been a former back-to-the-lander, a bee keeper, a tree farmer, a teacher, and he still has the gift to witch for water.
  • When a writer’s workshop student gave him a leather-bound notebook of blank pages and told him to start writing a story, he did. Thirteen notebooks and 1333 handwritten pages later, he had what was to become the foundation of The Dragon’s Game books, a fantasy series with a kick-ass heroine, Nagora.
  • Norm is a believer in “Think global. Act local.” Writing in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada, he shares his profits with a local community cause, Point de Rue. They help homeless people find meaning and passion in their lives.
  • When not writing, Norm finds happiness whenever cycling around town or paddling or sailing his kayak on the Saint Lawrence River. Small is beautiful.

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